We are a small local car rental company in Tromsø. We are renting out vehicles in Norway since 2014, when it all started with our camper rental Arctic Campers, a family business.

At Blue Car Rental, we're not your average car hire company in Tromsø. Since then our main goal is to provide travellers with a car that's specifically designed for exploring Northern Norway in a cost-effective and safe way. Plus, to make your trip even more affordable and convenient, you can book a rental car with us that includes a roof top tent, camping gear, ski box, snowshoes, and many other Nordic extras.

Our rental station is conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from the Tromsø airport. If you're arriving at the Tromsø harbour or staying in a hotel in the city, we can also arrange for our shuttle service to pick you up.

We take pride in being the number one choice for budget-friendly rental cars in Tromsø. No one beats our exceptional customer service and our extensive local knowledge. So, why settle for anything less when you can choose Blue Car Rental for your next adventure in Northern Norway?


Choosing a local and small car rental company like Blue Car Rental has several advantages over larger, more well-known rental companies like Sixt, Avis or Hertz.

Firstly, we can offer a more personalized approach to our customer, providing a tailored experience for renters. This results in a more positive overall experience, especially for those who are new to Northern Norway. Because traveling the Arctic can sometimes be tough. But we are here to make it so safe and easy for you as possible.

Secondly, Blue Car Rental offers lower prices than larger companies due our smaller company size and reduced overhead costs. Our rental car clients have more flexibility with pricing and rental terms, as we are more willing to negotiate prices or adjust rental periods to better suit your needs. Why? Because we want you as our rental guest.

Thirdly, we might have a more limited selection of vehicles then larger rental companies, but therefore we are offering vehicles that are tailored for traveling on Arctic roads in Winter and Summer conditions.

Finally, supporting a local and small businesses can have a positive impact on the community, as these companies often contribute to the local economy and provide jobs for residents. Choosing a local car rental company can be a great way to support the community while also enjoying the benefits of personalized service, competitive pricing, and unique vehicle options.

That's why 🙂